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This software is developed to effortlessly perform precise measurements and dimensional analyses of parts and components, making it a valuable tool in production control and quality assurance.

Calypso Basic

ZEISS Reverse Engineering

This software represents a significant step in extracting design data from the finished part and transforming it into a CAD model.


The Gear software enables the inspection of gear wheels on coordinate measuring machines. The 3D analytical model and graphic support make the measurement with GEAR PRO extremely efficient.


ZEISS Caligo is a comprehensive solution that allows users to measure and evaluate freeform surfaces and standard geometries.


It is a comprehensive software for managing cutting tools, designed to streamline the production process and optimize tool usage, reducing setup time and minimizing errors that may occur.


It is an innovative and user-friendly CAD-CAM software that focuses on optimizing CNC programming and the rapid, accurate generation of NC programs for CNC machines.

Areas of application

Aerospace industry

To ensure strict tolerances of components and assemblies used in aviation.

Scheduled courses

There are no available courses at the moment...

Courses on request

CAMWorks 2.5 AxeTraining offer request
CAMWorks 3 AxeTraining offer request
CAMWorks StrunjireTraining offer request
CAMWorks 4 și 5 AxeTraining offer request
CAMWorks WireEDMTraining offer request
AUKOM Nivel 1Training offer request
AUKOM Nivel 2Training offer request
AUKOM GD&TTraining offer request
AUKOM Nivel 3Training offer request
Calypso Basic Cookbook4Training offer request
Calypso Advanced4Training offer request
Calypso Optic4Training offer request
Calypso Curve4Training offer request
Calypso PCM4Training offer request
Calypso Expert4Training offer request
Calypso FreeFormSurface4Training offer request
Calypso Offline Simulation4Training offer request
Calypso Rotary Table4Training offer request
ZEISS Reverse Engineering4Training offer request
Calypso PiWeb4Training offer request
Gear4Training offer request
Caligo Basic4Training offer request
Caligo Advanced4Training offer request
Zoller TMS Training offer request
Școlarizare MUCNTraining offer request

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Webinar: Inovații în măsurarea și prereglarea sculelor așchietoare - 08.12.2023

Nu ratați ocazia de a fi la curent cu cele mai recente soluții pentru măsurarea și prereglarea sculelor aschietoare oferite de Zoller Germania. Evenimentul va avea loc în data de 08.12.2023, începând cu ora 11:00.


Quality Day ZEISS 2023

We invite you to a new edition of the ZEISS Quality Day 2023 event to discoverour cutting-edge technologies and solutions for quality control.


INMAACRO Manufacturing Day

We have the great pleasureto inviting you on April 20, 2023, starting at 09:30 to the INMAACRO Manufacturing Day event, to discover the latest updates from our parteners: GROB, MARPOSS and SCHUNK.


Metal Show & TIB 2023

We are pleased to announce that from May 9th to May 12th, 2023, we will be present at the Metal Show & TIB fair, held at Romexpo, Bucharest.

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