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We commercialize a wide range of measuring and scanning machines, tools machine, automation systems, cutting tools, accessories, and clamping and fixing devices. We provide complete technical support throughout the entire production process and project duration.

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Turn-key projects

With vast experience in the metal processing industry and a dedicated team of professionals, we are ready to support you in any project. Regardless of the complexity of your project, we guarantee quality and professionalism at every stage of collaborations. We dedicate the time and resources necessary to provide you with the best solutions.

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Our services

We are at your disposal with a complete range of specialized services, providing complete solutions for your production process.

X-RAY (CT) scanning and measurement 

Always benefiting form the cutting-edge technology (software and hardware) of the German manufacturer ZEISS, we offer metrology services using computerized tomography (X-Ray scanning).

Reverese engineering

Always benefiting form the cutting-edge technology (software and hardware) of the German manufacturer ZEISS, we offer metrology services using computerized tomography (X-Ray scanning).

Service, revisions and calibrations

The warranty and post-warranty service activity is provided by our team of specialists, performing commissioning, service and calibrations for all the equipment we sell.

Courses and training

Our specialists offer standard and customized training courses, ensuring that your team is property instructed to use the equipment.

Zero series and prototypes validation

Regardless of the complexity parts or prototypes, we are prepared to provide you with the most accurate and precise 3D measurements.

Technical support

We are here to provide you with high-quality technical support so that you can benefit from the full potential of the equipment you have purchased and achieve remarkable results in the production process.

27 years of experience

For 27 years, quality, professionalism and involvement have been the foundation of our principles. We specialize in providing complete and customized solutions for customers who want to implement efficient solutions and adapted to the specific needs of their industry.

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Consultancy and design

We provide specialized technical consulting and personalized design to help you to develop optimal solutions in your field of activity. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to understand the project’s needs ang goals, offering tailored and efficient solutions.

Supply of machines and accessories 

To support you in the production process, we offer a wide range of high-quality industial machines and accessories. Regardless of your specific requirements, we can provide you with reliable and high-performance equipment to help you achieve your productionand efficiency goals.

Courses and staff training

To maximize the efficiency and performance of your staff, we offer courses and specialized training services. Our team of experts can assist you in preparing your team for the correct use of equipment and technologies, improving the skils and knowledge of your staff.

Service, revisions and technical support

We provide complete services including maintenance, regular revision and technical support, ensuring that your equipment operates at optimal parameters. Our team of experienced technicians is available to answer your questions and assist in resolving any technical issues you may encounter.

Do you want to discuss about your project?

Our team provides consultancy and technical assistance in selecting and acquiring the right equipment and materials, ensuring that all project components are optimally integrated.

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A wide range of products

In our portofolio, you will find a vast and diverse range of products from the leading suppliers of industrial machinery and accessories.

Industrial Tomography and X-Ray Solutions

Industrial Tomography and X-Ray Solutions

Industrial tomography and X-ray solutions offer advanced non-destructive inspection techniques, allowing for detailed internal analysis of materials and structures, essential in manufacturing and research industries.

Tool measuring and presetting machines

Tool measuring and presetting machines

Measuring and pre-setting machines ensure precise tool settings, increasing the efficiency of manufacturing processes and extending the tool life.

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Coordinate measuring machines are high-precision devices used in industries such as automotive or aeronautics for the exact dimensional measurement of parts, ensuring compliance with technical specifications

ISO 9001:2015 certification




Because we want to offer products and services of the highest quality, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

ISO 9001:2015 certification is internationally recognized as a standard of excellence in quality management and highlights our commitment to the highest process standards and practices.

News and events

Join the most important events and stay up to date with the latest industry news

Technology Expo 2024

Technology Expo & B2B Meetings | 30.05.2024

Descoperă tehnologiile de vârf a unora dintre cele mai mari companii producatoare de mașini-unelte, mașini de măsurare și control, scule așchietoare, accesorii și software.

Zeiss  Soluții Complete De Inspecție Și Scanare 3 D

ZEISS - Soluții complete de inspecție și scanare 3D | 25.04.2024

Pe data de 25 aprilie 2024, experții în calitate din toate colțurile țării iși dau întâlnire la Timișoara. Rezervați-vă și dumneavoastră locul acum...


Qid Key Visual Date

ZEISS Quality Innovation Days - Eveniment online |15-19 aprilie 2024

O săptămână plină de inovații și perspective vă așteaptă la primul eveniment digital global de anul acesta de la ZEISS.

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