ZEISS Stemi 508: High-contrast, apochromatic, ergonomic stereo microscope with 8:1 zoom

ZEISS Stemi 508

Stereo Microscope in Greenough Design with 8:1 Magnification Benefit from the apochromatic optics for vivid, true-color images. The 8:1 magnification reveals intricate details. Its 35° ergonomic viewing angle ensures comfort during extended use.

  • Delivers sharp 3D visuals
  • Designed for intensive usage
  • Tailored for your requirements

Large Field of View and Apochromatic Correction

  • Experience clear, three-dimensional images without distortion or color discrepancies using apochromatic zoom technology and effective stray light reduction.
  • Visualize subjects within a 122mm field of view, capturing the finest details at an 8:1 zoom ratio.
  • Employ varied apochromatic lenses and eyepieces for magnifications from 2× to 250×, ensuring doubled resolution or vast working spans of up to 287mm, all while preserving impeccable optical clarity

Precision for Intense Tasks

  • Designed for robust tasks, Stemi 508 employs steadfast and dependable mechanical components.
  • Revel in consistent 3D clarity whether you're zooming variably or using set magnification levels - the focus remains razor-sharp throughout. 

With its ergonomic 35° viewing angle, it ensures comfort, even during extended usage

Designed for Every Task

  • Select from sleek stands to adaptable, robust boom stands and from fundamental transmitted light to polarization contrast to suit your specific needs.
  • Accurately align your sample using a slide, tilt, or spin polarization platform.
  • Stemi 508 doc consistently comes with a c-mount adapter for ZEISS Axiocam cameras, allowing compatibility with various SLR cameras and video recorders

Microscope stands

Suportul M: Funcție de memorie pentru reamintirea rapidă a configurației

Stocați și recuperați rapid până la trei configurări de iluminare. Suportul M LED este deja echipat cu iluminare LED. Pentru lumina transmisă, alegeți între unitatea de transiluminare bazată pe oglindă M LED și transiluminatorul brightfield-darkfield subțire, integrat în baza suportului fără a adăuga înălțime. Este proiectat pentru a gestiona probe mari, mai multe plăci simultan, și chiar componente industriale de mari dimensiuni


Reflected Light

Select from options like the adjustable LED spot K, which is zoomable and height-adjustable for slanted and grazing light, the self-supporting double-spot arm gooseneck for diverse slanted lighting with pronounced shadows, or the LED segmented ring light for even, shadowless illumination


Bdi Mildew Stemi 5087
Circuit Board Stemi 5087
Led Stemi 5087
Ringlight Microfluidics6
Spot Illumunation Fern Spores Stemi 5085
Transmitted Light Brightfield Hazelnut Stemi 50812

Documents and brochures

Stemi 508 Flyer
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Stemi 508 Manual
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Stemi 508
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Microscope and Measurement Systems for Quality Assurance and Quality Control
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Your Microscopes for Laboratory and Teaching
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