ZEISS Axioscope 5: Smart Microscope for Easy Fluorescence Imaging

ZEISS Axioscope 5

Your Intelligent Microscope for Biomedical Routine and Research

Focus. Capture. Complete. Forget the tedious 15-step process to document samples with multiple fluorescent labels. With Smart Microscopy, that's history. Axioscope 5, equipped with Axiocam 202 mono and Colibri 3 LED lighting, simplifies the task. You can remain focused at the microscope stand, stress-free.

  • Automatic camera settings, including white balance
  • Obtain four multichannel fluorescence channels with a single click
  • No need for extra imaging software or a computer. Let Axioscope 5 handle the workload while you concentrate on your core tasks

Obtain Four Multichannel Fluorescence Channels with a Single Click

Acquiring fluorescent images has never been so easy. Combine Axioscope 5 with the Colibri 3 LED light source and the sensitive, standalone microscope camera Axiocam 202 mono for the perfect setup for effortless multichannel fluorescence documentation. Switching between UV, blue, green, and red excitation channels is seamless.

Just select the relevant channels and click to capture. The system takes charge, automatically adjusting exposure time, capturing the image, switching channels, and repeating. That's it: you get your composite multichannel fluorescence image complete with a scale bar – all without needing a PC

Smart Microscopy Enhances Digital Documentation Speed

Axioscope 5 significantly streamlines specimen documentation. The color impression in the camera image matches what you see through the eyepieces precisely. This intelligent microscope automatically fine-tunes brightness and white balance for effortless digital documentation. Your task is simple: concentrate on your sample, press the ergonomic Snap button on the microscope, and you're done

Enjoy Consistent Illumination

Quality Axioscope 5 utilizes its LED technology to offer robust, high-color-fidelity illumination. You'll be able to discern even the finest details in your samples. Plus, you'll benefit from LED illumination advantages like:

  • Stable color temperature
  • Low energy consumption
  • Extended lifespan

Axioscope 5 includes a light intensity manager that ensures uniform brightness across all magnifications. Say goodbye to the hassle of adjusting lamp brightness when changing magnification levels. This not only saves time but also reduces eye strain

Smart Microscopy at Your Fingertips

Simplified Digital Documentation

When paired with Axiocam 202 mono or Axiocam 208 color, you harness the full potential of a intelligent standalone microscope system. Camera settings such as white balance, contrast, and exposure time are automatically adjusted. Without requiring additional imaging software or even a computer, you can:

  • Capture images and record videos directly from your microscope stand
  • Control your camera using the mouse via an on-screen display (OSD)
  • Save settings for quick access
  • Store images along with comprehensive metadata from the microscope and camera, including scaling information
  • Predefine or rename your image files as needed

Configuration Options

With the Axioscope 5 and Smart Microscopy, you are prepared for both today and the future. Choose the configuration that best suits your laboratory workflow:

Stand-alone for Basic Routine Imaging

Axioscope 5, in combination with Axiocam 202 mono or Axiocam 208 color, operates independently of a computer system.

ZEISS Labscope for Advanced Routine Imaging

Operating Axioscope 5 and Axiocam 202 mono or Axiocam 208 color with the Labscope imaging app is the ideal choice for connected microscopes and standard multichannel fluorescence imaging

ZEISS ZEN for Research Applications

With the ZEN imaging software, you can perform advanced imaging tasks with your Axioscope 5

ZEISS Colibri 3 LED Illumination

Enhance your Axioscope 5 with the optional Colibri 3 fluorescence LED illumination and effortlessly capture brilliant fluorescence images. Colibri 3 provides precise wavelengths and intensities to excite fluorescent dyes and proteins gently.

  • Benefit from cost and time savings due to the long LED lifespan, adjustment-free operation, and the elimination of warm-up and cool-down times.
  • Customize your setup with up to four configurable wavelengths, allowing for easy upgrades as needed. 
  • Independently control and switch between UV, blue, green, and red excitation channels or use selected wavelengths simultaneously. 
  • The visual status feedback ensures you always know which FL-LED is in use. 
  • The integrated design saves space and facilitates ergonomic operation

ZEISS Axioscope 5 at Work

With its extensive range of contrasting techniques, Axioscope 5 is ideally suited for both routine and research applications in various fields, including biology research, human and veterinary medicine, microbiology, plant sciences and botany, as well as forensics

Brightfield Chromosome Specimen11
Brightfield Histological Specimen11
Brightfield Renal Tissue11
Dic Novicula Lyra11
Fluorescence Gmme11
Fluorescence Indian Muntiac11
Fluorescence Mouse Kidney11

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