STEIN CONTROL: Efficient, flexible control system for seamless production management


Leverage the straightforward setup

  • STEIN CONTROL encompasses critical production functions vital to your success.
  • This comprehensive system suits all production types and relies on innovative configuration of modules including Product Management, Order Management, and Workflows. Successful STEIN users tailor their systems to individual requirements.
  • Evaluations during maintenance, commissioning, and data transfer to higher-level systems are routine tasks
  • With years of experience in developing interfaces with mechanical engineering companies, STEIN assures customers that choosing STEIN is the right decision for controls and components. 
  • Every transfer system is commissioned, tested, and accepted by the customer, ensuring delivery in working order. 
  • Smart customers plan ahead with controls that are prepared for any situation and easy to operate


Product Management

In Product Management, each product can be developed and enhanced with extra parameters, ranging from mixed production of single units to full-scale series production. For each product, specific workflows can be associated to incorporate its unique path when an order is placed. Product features, such as variants like connector types and colors, can be conveniently displayed at workstations. This approach provides the essential flexibility required in the era of Industry 4.0 to tailor your range of products uniquely.


Workflow is the cornerstone of the control system. It allows for the configuration of production processes without needing programming skills. The movement of pallets with products to subsequent stations is determined by the outcomes at each workstation. In the STEIN system, RFID technology is employed for the distinct identification of workpiece pallets. Data are stored centrally in the master. STEIN goes beyond the traditional station-to-station movement, offering process-oriented transport. In this setup, each station communicates its specific process setup. In a process-oriented Workflow, the target is a specific process, such as 'winding wire thickness 2', rather than a physical station.

Order Management

Order Management allows users to initiate, halt, and remove tasks. These tasks can be executed as individual, concurrent, or continuous orders. Beyond traditional order parameters, users can set signal numbers or assign the quantity of pallets for each order.


The diagnostics package in STEIN provides a clear and straightforward visualization of the status of each conveyor control. Moreover, the status of each control is also displayed on the control unit itself. During servicing, users can easily understand the status and efficiently resolve any issues with the help of the built-in assistance function.

Vertical networking

Integration with ERP/MES – STEIN is capable of interfacing with a variety of systems, ranging from basic displays to full traceability. This capability allows for enhanced transparency within an organization.


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